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Have the games, anime and fan circles of Pokemon ever made you wonder about the natural lives of these creatures? If you want to try role-playing from the perspective of a wild Pokemon living in nature, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Realm of Light pokemon RPG!

Realm of Light RPG was founded in 2002 in response to the need for a wild Pokemon RPG that allowed players enough freedom for maximum creativity, and where players could participate free of harassment. These goals were not only met but exceeded. From a single thread with three players grew the largest play-by-email Pokemon roleplay anywhere!

Today Realm of Light has become the most active pokemon RPG in all of Y-groups. We are now in our third year and have thrived ever since our humble beginnings. So come join us, we are waiting for new friends to arrive. You could be a nidoran in a warren, a poochyena in a pack, an ampharos in a flock, a bulbasaur in the jungle, a Dragonair in the sea... Or anything else you'd like to try! Our stories/characters meet and interact, face challenges together...often challenging each other. The game presents a realistic yet fantastical world ruled by Pokemon themselves...and the law of eat or be eaten.

The game is well moderated by a staff of 4--the owner JLB aka Ace aka Modernday_desperado, and three assistant moderators, Wynn, Typh and Faithry. We assure players a safe and friendly environment in which to role-play your pokemon into almost any situation conceivable! Let your imagination run as wild as the pokemon themselves!

To learn more about the RPG, enjoy the rest of our site. Each page contains information that could be helpful to a new player. If you're planning on joining, you should especially read the Rules section as well as our information page. Feel free to join our OOC board and meet the players!

It's always a good time to join Realm! Exciting things are always unfolding. To become part of the great wild pokemon saga, just click the links below!

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